Paseo Montejo

Paseo Montejo

This long promenade is the most important and emblematic avenue in Mérida. It was built in the time that the Yucatecans called the era of "Green Gold" better known as the henequen, which after a season of great economic losses, practically saved the region and became a good source of employment for its inhabitants.

After several vicissitudes in its construction, the promenade was inaugurated more than fifteen years later in 1904, giving it the name we know, in honor of the founder of the city, Francisco de Montejo.

Discovering it is best on foot, so you can stop at every house, monument and corner that catches your attention. French inspiration is present almost all the way and the mansions, once owned by the upper classes, stand out today as restaurants, boutique hotels and museums.

The 43-meter wide avenue has several monuments. A sculpture by Augusto Sierra, the obelisk in memory of Felipe Carrillo Puente, the monument to the Fatherland in the roundabout north of the promenade; and the statue of Francisco Montejo next to his son, are just some that you will find on your way.

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